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Dr. Younes Nademi

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Education ___________________________________________________

2009 - 2013                             University of Mazandaran, Ph.D.  Major: Econometrics     

2007 - 2009                             University of Tehran, M.A., Major: Development Economics

2003 - 2007                             University of Isfahan, B.A., Major: Economics


Publications ___________________________________________________

Nademi, A., & Nademi, Y. (2018). Forecasting crude oil prices by a semiparametric Markov switching model: OPEC, WTI, and Brent cases. Energy Economics, 74, 757-766.


Nademi, Y. (2018). The resource curse and income inequality in Iran. Quality & Quantity, 52(3), 1159-1172.


Abounoori, E., Elmi, Z. M., & Nademi, Y. (2016). Forecasting Tehran stock exchange volatility; Markov switching GARCH approach. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 445, 264-282.


Samimi, A. J., Ghaderi, S., Hosseinzadeh, R., & Nademi, Y. (2012). Openness and inflation: New empirical panel data evidence. Economics Letters, 117(3), 573-577.


Khochiany, R., & Nademi, Y. (Accepted for Publication). Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth in the United States, China and India: A Wavelet Coherence Approach, Energy and Environment.


Abounoori, E., Elmi, Z. M., & Nademi, Y. O. U. N. E. S. (2013). Has tehran stock market calmed down after global financial crisis? Markov Switching GARCH Approach. Iranian Journal of Economic Studies, 2(1), 23-48.


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Abounoori, E., & Nademi, Y. (2011). The asymmetric effect of news on Tehran Stock Exchange volatility. International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, 2(4), 323.


Nademi, Y., Zobeiri, H. (2017). Government Size and Social Capital in Developing Countries; New Empirical Evidence. The Quarterly Journal of Quantitative Economics, 14(2), 193-213. doi: 10.22055/jqe.2017.21082.1580


Peer-reviewed Iranian journal articles (In Persian)


Abbasian, E., Moftakhari, A., & Nademi, Y. (2017). The Nonlinear Effects of Oil Revenues on Social Welfare in Iran. Social Welfare Quarterly, 17(64), 39-72.

hassanvand, A., Hassanvand, D., Nademi, Y. (2018). The Impact of sanctions on non-oil exports of Iran: Structural time series approach, Quarterly Journal of the Macro and Strategic Policies, 6(24), 121-140.

Hassanvand, D., Nademi, Y. (2017). The effects of financial development on poverty in Iran. Journal of Economic Research (Tahghighat- E- Eghtesadi), 52(1), 35-60. doi: 10.22059/jte.2017.59579.

Hassanvand, D., Nademi, Y. (2019). Empirical Analysis of Existence of the Mundell’s Relationship between Interest Rate and Inflation in Iran: A State-Space Approach. Financial Monetary Economics, 25(16), 219-238. https://doi.org/10.22067/pm.v25i16.63738.

Jalili Kamjo, P., & Nademi, Y. (2019). Oil Price Shocks and Housing Business Cycles in Iran: Markov Regime-Switching GARCH Model. Journal of Urban Economics and Management, 7(25), 81-98.

Karimi Moughari, Z., Zobeiri, H., Nademi, Y. (2014). Impact of Real Exchange Rate Changes on Value Added of Manufacturing Subsectors in Iran. Journal of Economic Research (Tahghighat- E- Eghtesadi), 49(2), 363-383. doi: 10.22059/jte.2014.51798.

Karimi, S., Nademi, Y., Zobeiri, H. (2015). Government Size and Unemployment in Iran. Quarterly Journal of Economic Growth and Development Research, 5(18), 64-51.

Khochiani, R., Nademi, Y. (2018). Forecasting West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Price: Stochastic Differential Approach. Journal of Econometric Modelling, 3(2), 155-177. doi: 10.22075/jem.2019.11304.1022.

Mohammadi Alamuti, M., haddadi, M., Nademi, Y. (2018). Introducing an Early Warning System for High Volatility in The Crude Oil OPEC Market: Markov Switching GARCH Approach. Iranian Energy Economics, 7(25), 159-192. doi: 10.22054/jiee.2018.9051.

Mohammadi Alamuti, M., Haddadi, M., Nademi, Y. (2018). Modeling and Forecasting Evaluation of Different Models of Short-Term Memory, Long-Term Memory, Markov Switching and Hyperbolic GARCH in Forecasting OPEC Crude Oil Price Volatility, Financial Engineering and Portfolio Management , 9(34), 249-272.

Nademi Y, Baharvand N. (2019). Modeling the Effective Factors on Economic Growth in Iran: Markov Switching GARCH Approach, Quarterly Journal of Fiscal and Economic Policies, 3. 2019; 6 (24) :33-58.

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Nademi, Y., Abounoori, E., Elmi, Z. (2015). Introducing an Early Warning System for High Volatility in Tehran Stock Exchange: Markov Switching GARCH Approach. Financial Knowledge of Securities Analysis, 8(28), 27-40.

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Nademi, Y., Riahi, J. (2018). New Findings about Economic Roots of Crimes Harmful to Public Security: Case Study of Records of Theft in Iran. Majlis and Rahbord, 25(93), 183-208.

Nademi, Y., Sedaghat Kalmarzi, H. (2018). Investigating the Effect of Oil Shocks and Economic Sanctions on Unemployment Regimes in Iran using the Markov Switching Approach. Iranian Energy Economics, 7(26), 156-131. doi: 10.22054/jiee.2018.9102.

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 Rezaei, H., Alizadeh, M., & Nademi, Y. (2017). Effective Factors on Per Capita Healthcare Expenditure: A Comparison of Spatial Models in Selected Developing Countries. Quarterly Journal of Applied Theories of Economics, 4(2), 1-26.

Salem, A., Nademi, Y. (2016). An investigation of the hypothesis of weak form of efficiency in two regimes of high & poor volatility in Tehran stock exchange, Journal of Economic Research and Policies, 24 (77) :139-162.

Salem, A., Nademi, Y. (2017). Taxes and Distribution of Income in Iran: Approach to Threshold Regression. Tax Research. 25 (34): 15-30.


Conference Presentations ____________________________________


Abounoori, E., & Nademi, Y. (2010). Government size threshold and economic growth in Iran. Economic Modeling Conference, Turkey.


Abounoori, E, & Nademi, Y. (2011). Does Leverage Effect Exist in Tehran Stock Market?, ICSEP Conference, Malaysia.



teaching experience __________________________________________


Foundation of Economics, Basic Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Advanced Econometrics, Development Economics, Iran’s Economy, Macroeconomics.


Research interests __________________________________________


Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Forecasting, Resource and Environmental Economics,  Development Economics

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